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Through the Tree Branch

Working with You 

Moving Forward

Occasionally we do work for clients on a one-off project which will be on a purely transactional basis. However, for both our retail and corporate clients, our advice is generally much broader,  more holistic. - and longer term.
All clients need their strategy reviewing and refining as circumstances, aims and objectives change. It’s vital that we continue to understand not just our clients current asset position and needs, but also their longer term goals and objectives. Only by monitoring these over the years can we ensure best use of all relevant tax planning strategies, investment opportunities and available solutions. Minimising tax on the journey is a vital part of all strategic planning and as legislation and products change we work with our clients to achieve the most appropriate results.

First Steps

An initial consultation will be carried out, at no cost to you, and on a no obligation basis.
At the end of this meeting we will be in a position to know what work should be carried out.  We will be able to explain to you what services would be beneficial to you to meet your particular needs and circumstances. We will also be upfront about the charges for these.
It’s also important, at that initial meeting, that you feel comfortable working with us, be this on a one-off project, or as is more usual, on a longer-term strategic planning journey.  We recognise that a relationship with a financial advisor requires trust , so it’s important to know whether we are a good fit for one another.

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